IPTV and VOD over coax network

Transmit your IPTV & VOD contents over the existing coax network !

You want to benefit from the IPTV and VOD advantages without investing in a new IP cabling ?

This is now possible using the Incoax solutions !

  • uses the existing coax network and TV outlets,
  • requires no new cabling with in the building,
  • high debit : until 100 Mbps at the antenna outlet output,
  • multicast support, IGMP v1, v2, v3,
  • secured connection (VLAN ID / DHCP option 82),
  • remote administration,
  • quick installation,
  • GoCA (Gigabit over Coax Access) standard,
  • 100% full compatible with the IP gateway, VOD server and middleware we integrate !

With our Incoax solution your return on investment is very quick !

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